Systems Improvements

United Conveyor Corporation field service engineers are located throughout the world, ensuring that you will receive exceptional service whenever needed. With thousands of replacement parts in inventory, our customers can take advantage of fast turnarounds and, often times, next day deliveries which minimize downtime.  UCC will be there to support your system for its active service life providing exceptional service whenever needed.

Emergency Assistance  

United Conveyor Corporation recognizes that plant interruptions can have tremendous effects on your business and your customers as well.  Although emergency situations can never be fully avoided, UCC field engineers are available on short notice to promptly handle an emergency instance that may involve our equipment.  We are committed to providing our customers with unwavering service throughout the active service life of your system.

Preventative Maintenance  

United Conveyor Corporation preventative maintenance program is designed for periodic, complete system inspections that ensure that your ash system is operating at peak efficiency.  This cost effective service allows UCC field engineers to pinpoint potential problems, allowing customers to proactively prioritize maintenance, minimize the risk of unexpected downtime and concentrate on areas of greatest need. 

Pre-outage and Outage Assistance  

Pre-outage planning can result in minimized downtime and overall cost savings.  United Conveyor Corporation’s pre-outage inspection ensures that advance planning is completed and all necessary parts are on site before work begins.  During the outage, the UCC field engineer can ensure the parts are installed and tested properly, allowing a smooth start-up.

Parts Inventory Management  

United Conveyor Corporation offers a complete inventory review to identify unmarked or obsolete parts, establish optimum parts inventory levels, and advise you of low inventory levels for frequently used parts.  The correct parts and stock level, can reduce inventory costs and improve profitability.

Operation/Maintenance Training  

United Conveyor Corporation partners with customers to deliver operational and maintenance training with the flexibility to address specific plant needs and maximize uptime.  Our field service engineers review and discuss system operations, troubleshooting and maintenance procedures with your personnel, resulting in effective maintenance.  Your staff’s efficiency can be increased through training that is tailored specifically to your system, equipment and plant requirements.

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