New Systems

United Conveyor Corporation field service engineers provide vital knowledge and experience necessary to make the assembly and installation process a smooth and timely one.  Our industry recognized experts serve as a single point of responsibility from design through supply, installation and startup, simplifying the customer interface and coordination which can result in cost savings.

Construction Management  

UCC offers construction services that provide continuity and complete control over all project transactions.  This single point of contact simplifies the customer interface and coordination, which results in cost savings.

Erection Assistance  

Erection assistance will help to ensure a trouble-free installation of UCC equipment.  Our field service engineers can prevent labor cost overruns by making the most efficient use of your staff’s time.

Startup Assistance  

Startup assistance ensures that experienced, hands-on engineers are present should any issues arise.  With a UCC field service engineer on site, common installation hurdles can be avoided and system startup time can be minimized reducing the overall cost of the project.

Operation/Maintenance Training  

Operation/Maintenance Training can be provided to in-house personnel for proper operation and maintenance of your new UCC equipment.


Field Service Engineering NA  

Field Service Engineering A4